In these courses, you will join text-based course software for course content, writing assignments, and feedback.

These courses do not include live video meetings (such as weekly Zoom calls).

Upcoming Courses

October Courses

Crafting a Story or Novel Chapter Using Forward-Moving Tension


October 12|5 Weeks|$275

How do writers tell stories with tension, action, and emotion? Learn how to write forward-moving tension in this 5 week fiction course.

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Dread and Desire: Gothic Fiction Techniques to Lure and Horrify Your Readers


October 19|6 Weeks|$330

This Halloween, learn how to write eerie, haunting moods in this comprehensive course on Gothic writing techniques.


November Courses

Creative Writing & Storytelling Techniques For Business Professionals


November 2|4 Weeks|$245

Good writing helps business connect deeply with the clients they're hoping to work with. Learn how to hone the power of story in your professional career.

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Accessing Your Writer’s Voice


November 30|3 Weeks|$195

Voice: What is it and how do you find yours? Instructor Gloria Kempton offers feedback on assignments in this 3-week online class.

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Unscheduled Courses

*Private Class | Shadow Writing


Your unconscious can drive your writing or block it. Gloria Kempton will guide you in coaxing your shadow out of hiding.

*Private Class | The Anti-Hero’s Journey for Storytellers


Throughout her writing career, Gloria Kempton has met many anti-heroes. In this course, you’ll receive feedback on your story antagonists.

Block Buster: Turbocharge Your Creativity with Breakneck Writing


Banish writer's block, unearth fresh ideas, and sharpen your storytelling ability with the practice of fast, timed writing.

Boost Your Imagination and Reap the Literary Rewards


It happens to all of us: life gets in the way and our creativity falters. Get back on track with this four-week creativity boosting class!

Crafting the Poetry Novel for Young Adults


Even if you’ve never written poetry before, you can begin the rewarding process of crafting a poetry novel for Young Adults. Is there a market for novels written in verse? Are they well received? Yes, there is, and yes, they are!

Crafting the Poetry Novel: Advanced Workshop


Want to make headway on your poetry novel? This workshop offers the structure and resources to get it done, with instructor Kelly Bingham.

Creating the Visual Journal


Go beyond narrow definitions of “journaling" to include visual images and let writing give what is seen a new voice. Surprise yourself.

Creative Nonfiction and the Personal Essay


Gretchen Clark pick axes her way into the volcanic marriage of real life and fiction. Weekly writing with incisive feedback.

Discover Your Writing Niche


Fiction or nonfiction? Article, short story, or how-to book? Do you want to write for children, teens, adults? There is a type of writing that is best suited for you, and the discovery process can be an adventure.

Drafty in Here: Write Your Novella in Ten Weeks


Write the entire first draft of a novella-length story, with plenty of feedback from stage to stage, and finish with a plan for revising toward a publishable manuscript.