Hannah Howard

Hannah Howard is the author of the bestselling memoirs Feast: True Love in and out of the Kitchen (Little A, 2018) and Plenty: A Memoir of Food and Family (Little A, 2021) and the Editor-in-Chief at ParentCo. She writes and speaks about parenting, food, body image, and beyond.

Hannah’s work has been featured in New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, VICE, SELF, Wine Enthusiast, Thrillist, Time Out New York, Salon, and the Chicago Review of Books. She teaches writing classes and lives in Frenchtown, NJ with her family.

Student Feedback for Hannah

“Hannah is the kind of reader, editor, and teacher who can give exactly the right advice in exactly the kindest way. She writes gorgeously herself, she appreciates it when others do as well, and her passion infuses all of her interactions with the written word. She is a joy to be around and to learn from.” Kate Fridkis

“My writing has benefited enormously from Hannah’s editorial input: she has clear and refreshing insights into how constructive changes can be made, and her delivery is always encouraging and positive, without sacrificing honesty. I’ve thoroughly appreciated her influence on my writing and rate her very highly as an author and editor!” Simon Morris

“Hannah is both a brilliant writer and a brilliant editor. Her own prose is stunningly beautiful, and she’s also able to give perceptive feedback on others’ work. She hones in on issues big and small and comes up with creative solutions to help guide a writer’s progress. Anyone would be lucky to have Hannah as a reader and editor!” Kelsey Blodget

“Hannah Howard is a fantastic instructor – rigorous, inspirational, supportive, organized.” Student, anonymous

“Hannah is a wonderful teacher who goes the extra mile for her students. She does a great job of engaging the whole class and engaging every student. I’m so happy to have gotten to learn from her.” Student, anonymous

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