Tamara Dean

Tamara Dean’s stories and essays have appeared in The American Scholar, Creative Nonfiction, The Guardian, New Ohio Review, Orion, The Southern Review, Story, and elsewhere. Three of her pieces have been nominated for Pushcart prizes and one was a 2021 National Magazine Award finalist. She’s the author of best-selling textbooks on computer networking and a book on sustainable living, The Human-Powered Home. She earned an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and has received fellowships from Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Mesa Refuge, and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. More online at www.tamaradean.media.

Student Feedback for Tamara

The class was encouraging. Tamara has a very professional, comforting, calm way about her. Her voice is amazing. :) I most appreciated the tips on keeping the writing going, especially the ones she shared on the handout, and some of the metaphors/visualizations about writing that she and other participants shared. Molly Preston

This short course really helped me. I was stuck and feeling low, and the class gave me some useful strategies for getting unstuck. I’m feeling more positive and enthusiastic about my writing project now. I started working on it again. Anna Moncovich

Tamara organized a phenomenal workshop. By discussing the topics during, then implementing their main points through practice during the sessions, as well as for homework between, I noticed an uptick in my writing. By looking at a project I’ve toggled for nearly two years and touching it from different angles per Tamara’s guidance, I had several breakthroughs. I credit Tamara and her workshop for this success. Liz W.

Inspiring, encouraging and challenging. Tamara’s classes create a space that gives you courage to explore deeply, elevate your work and write from the heart. Suzanne O.

In a caring and respectful way, Tamara provides an enjoyable deep dive into the craft of writing. Her workshops are clear enough to be useful for beginners and substantial and intelligent for seasoned writers. I had numerous revelations taking me to a deeper understanding of what I am trying to write. Ursula R.

It’s been said; When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Tamara’s clear and concise writing advice was a godsend. Her ability to find and focus on a key factor that can change your essay from an everyday humdrum one to an extraordinary one is nothing short of a miracle. More so, is Tamara’s talent to encourage us to “Get it all down,” to keep writing despite the giddy-ups of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Then, and only then, she’ll remind us, show us, and lead us..to go back rewrite, revise, and review until our masterpiece appears. Jane S.