Amanda Hosch

Amanda Hosch loves writing, travel, and coffee. She lived abroad for almost a decade, teaching English as a Foreign Language. She is the author of MABEL OPAL PEAR AND THE RULES FOR SPYING (Capstone Young Readers). A fifth generation New Orleanian, Amanda now lives in Seattle with her family, two rescue cats, and a ghost cat. Currently, she writes copy for tech companies and volunteers with refugees learning English and studying for citizenship.

Student Feedback for Amanda

I took Amanda’s class “Turn the Page: How to Engage Young Readers” and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I’ve read countless craft books and attended many writing classes/workshops, and I still came away with new knowledge. Amanda is an engaging and entertaining speaker who really knows her stuff. She breaks big concepts down into actionable pieces. I left the class excited to jump into editing my story and I look forward to taking more classes from her in the future. Kristin Thorsness

I had a great time and felt that I learned a lot. It was really fun and engaging, and I enjoyed the quick, ten minute writing and sharing sessions. Overall, I can confidently say that I would take this class again. Amanda was very fun! Zola Northup