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setting as character

Setting as Character in Fiction Writing

Setting as Character in Fiction Writing As a novelist or short story writer, you choose how important setting is for the story you plan to tell. Whether the setting is a real location or an entirely fictional one doesn’t necessarily determine its overall role in the story. You must decide during the drafting phase how…

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mr rogers

On Writing What Means Most

It’s You I Like: How Mr. Rogers Said What Was Truest I am fondest of speech that feels like it encapsulates life: short passages that would feel appropriate on my deathbed, or engraved in gold to send out to the aliens. This is a type of speech, almost a genre, and not just an indicator of quality….

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on starting a poem

On Starting a Poem

How do you enter a poem? Where does it start? Where is it going? Even seasoned poets are sometimes baffled by these questions. The good news is, you already have all the material you need inside of you for a great poem—the work is simply bringing that material to the page.  Let’s do a close…

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