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sound in poetry

On Sound in Poetry

Poetry and music have a long history with one another. In Ancient Greece, for example, poetry was always accompanied by an instrument, typically a lyre—that’s where we get the phrase “lyric poetry” from. Other fun facts: a “sonnet” is a “little song,” and poetry forms like the aubade or the ghazal started as types of…

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charlene richard

Departure, Connection

As these paired short essays explore, we can connect beyond the usual boundaries of time and space. Writing can be a bridge—or life can be a bridge, and we can write as we walk over. At the Grave of Charlene Richard On December 28 of last year, I opened up Firefox, and noticed a suggested…

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On Setting Your Story

On Setting Your Story

As all storytellers know, setting is a key element of fiction. But what if I told you that the setting is a character of your story? A setting is not just the ground beneath your characters’ feet. Settings also have personality. A setting reacts to its characters, is transformed through different perspectives, has needs, desires, conflicts,…

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