What Alumni Say About Our Online Writing Courses:

“The rough draft of my novel is done (finally) and I am almost (75%) through the re-write. I hope to send out query letters by June. I couldn’t have done it without the help of several of your instructors. I still recommend your classes to people I encounter in my writing world. Great teachers, great course offerings, great interface. – Melissa Gould

“ classes provide a great way to sharpen your writing skills and join a community of writers. Try a few–you won’t be disappointed.” – Melissa DeCarlo, author of The Art Of Crash Landing (Harper Paperbacks/HarperCollins)

“I’m on my 5th class through I do not know if I’ll take another, as I’m starting an MFA program, but I credit these classes with bringing my writing to the point that I am ready to do grad work and already do recommend as a resource for others.” –  Lisa McCool-Grime

“I have done a number of course with you. You always offer something new. I will take another class. I do recommend your classes to friends.” –  Melody Emmett

“This is my 6th or 7th class with – and yes, I’ll be taking another class soon.” – Peggy Nolan

“I am telling my new writer friends about…spreading the word about how great you are!…I look forward to another class – well worth the investment in time and money.” – Carole Borah

“I have spoken very highly about your classes to others and encouraged them to take advantage of what you have to offer. I am currently enrolled in two more of your class for spring. I am looking forward to both.” – Deborah Bruening

“My writing is taking on a life of its own since these classes  and I am quite excited about it.” – Jean Pasch

“This is my third class with, and I am sure I will be taking more. Each time, the experience keeps getting better and better. This was by far the most strenuous – and most excellent! – to date.” – Lyn Gardner

“You have an excellent platform and excellent teachers. And the price is good, too! I have looked into other programs that cost twice to three times as much and I doubt that they can be that much better… Thanks for being there… it has opened up a whole new arena for me…. to the good… and I now realize I not only do not want to go back to where I was…. I cannot.” – Jena Johler

“Just a brief message to thank you for! Your classes have inspired me for over a decade. Wonderful offerings and still at prices reasonable enough for those of us, artists and writers, with low incomes. I just published my memoir, The Last Protege, the form of which was inspired by John High’s class years ago and more recently by Barbara Hennings’ excellent classes. The circle turns…. Keep up your excellent work.” – Nancy Resler

“I love….. So supportive, so interesting, such great teachers. Thanks!” – Katherine Arnup

Review by Cyndy L. Krey“Thanks so much for your time, and for providing exemplary instruction over the web!” – Kathleen Savino

“Amanda Castleman is a phenomenal editor and a patient teacher; precise but not nitpicky, critical but not harsh. My writing is clearer and more focused than ever before. I spent eight semesters in creative writing classes at UC Berkeley, and Amanda offered more guidance and carefully directed help than any professor I took there.” – Jenny Williams

“ is an extraordinary experience. When I signed up, I was very skeptical but thought it was a small price for the experiment. Little did I know that I would find a teacher who has poured her heart (and an unthinkable amount of time) into helping us and a group of talented classmates who do the same.” – Ann S. White

“Thanks again. is definitely one of the best on-line tools for writer I have seen – I have passed it on to many friends.” – Patrick Perdue

“The random search four years ago that turned up and John High has meant everything to me! He is a sustaining inspiration.” – Juanita Whitaker

“The lessons were were more extensive than I expected. The assignments challenged me and helped me uncover material I would never have explored otherwise. The class exceeded my expectations… Allegra Wong is great. She brings passionate attention to each assignment and every student. I appreciated her criticism and compliments.” – Ben Mack

“Dennis Foley was a great teacher, focusing on one thing and one thing above all else, to encourage his pupils to finish a novel in good shape.” – Andres Kab

“Extremely happy. The only thing you could have done to help me more would be to become my publisher!” – Lyn Gardner

“Shelley Singer is a taskmaster who pulls no punches…. Thanks to her help I got a two-book contract with St. Martins Press.” – Don Bruns

“Uma is a wonderful and gifted teacher: her comments are insightful and supportive, and her lessons are inspired!” – Courtney Johnson

“I have only experienced professionalism, friendliness and punctual correspondence. I would not hesitate to take other courses in the future.” – Raechelle Johnston

“At the end of 10 weeks, I had arrived in the blogosphere, made new friends and even bagged a job as a writer at a magazine– all thanks to the new-media course!” – Nidhi Nayer

“I absolutely loved this class, the lectures and comments – both by the teacher and students – were great. In fact, an essay I wrote for class is being published in a magazine!” – Trish Cook

“Since taking Peter Occhiogrossos first class, I am so busy with my freelance writing assignments that I don’t have time for a follow-up!! I leapt into the freelance writing arena shortly after taking Peters class and the results have been terrific. Id recommend his class to anyone who really wants to write for publication.” – Denise Wolf

“The format of the classes is very effective and my writing is improving with each session. I’ll be back!” – Sue Scott

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone who was serious about turning themselves from a dabbling amateur into a professional writer.” –Andrea Hensher

“I’ll be back! Your instructors are rich in background and the price is right.” – Anne Murphy

“I would definitely recommend this toReview by Don Bruns others. It was well organized, good value for money, and an excellent learning opportunity.” – Katie Stewart

“I could not have been more pleased. I am already signed up for a second course that will begin in a week or so.”  –Jeff Namiotka

” I learned a great deal. The lessons were exceptional. Over the years I’ve collected a good number of writing books, but Sandy’s class made me want to just toss them.” – Cathy Paul

This is my 6th or 7th class with – and yes, I’ll be taking another class soon.” – Peggy Nolan

“Every course Ive taken though has been excellent. Thank you.” – Mary Raihofer

“The teacher was great! Her comments were always very well thought out and supportive. She showed a lot of faith in my writing efforts and was a wonderful cheerleader, yet gave constructive criticism so that my work could improve…” –Shelly McIntosh

“The class, Poetry and the Sacred, in every way exceeded my expectations and stimulated me to produce, evaluate and appreciate poetry. The class lessons were the highest quality in every way: challenging, thought-provoking, stimulating and presented material that will be used over and over.” – Jan Matheson

“Fab experience, again! One word describes Amanda: awesome. Her critiques were thorough, encouraging us to aim for excellence. Her lectures were chock-full of practical advice (and humor) about writing on the road. She is a dream teacher, just the right balance between a knuckle-rapping tutor and a mom full of hugs. Thanks again for The course fees are lots cheaper than a shrink!” – Linda Petrucelli

“I give the Journal class an A+. It was a remarkable and useful experience for me. Thanks for making these classes possible.” – Joan Lundgren

“The long winding road to publishing my initial manuscripts were shortened after attending Gloria’s classes. I exceeded my goals by publishing 30 articles my first year!” – Christina Carrigan

“I came away from the class with definite improved skills, and the determination to continue with my writing efforts. Thank you for making this avenue of study possible!” – Candy Calvert

“Dennis Foley was a great teacher, focusing on one thing and one thing above all else, to encourage his pupils to finish a novel in good shape.” – Andres Kabel

“Thanks so much for your time, and for providing exemplary instruction over the Web!” – Kathleen SavinoReview by Linda Petrucelli

“I’ve been impressed by how the instructors have established an ambiance and tone in cyberspace. They are knowledgeable, respectful and encouraging, yet their feedback is direct and useful. Their classrooms are comfortable, yet challenging and motivating…” – Anne Hausler

“This has been a fabulous course. I feel that I can actually complete this daunting work. Dennis’s lessons are clear, strong and to the point. Class content was outstanding, Dennis made it quite plain we could contact him anytime… Great person.” –Ann McDonald

“I couldn’t have been happier with this class and instructor! I’d never taken any writing classes before, much less an online one, so I had no idea what to expect. It was a thoroughly invigorating experience!” –Carolyn Charron

“My day job (teaching college) can easily fill all my spare time…because of you guys at, I had the best summer Ive had in a long time.” – Jan Richman

“Thanks for all your help and for offering such a fabulous website, with great course selections, inspiring teachers, and wonderful resources. What a treasure I dug up two years ago!” – Cheri Valentine

“Your organization is an important part of my life. It has introduced me to a community of writers and has helped me develop the discipline and stamina it takes to get published (just got a Christmas story published in Cicada [the Cricket Group]). Thanks for all.”– Maryvonne Fent

“Just a note to let you know my first novel – which I developed in both Dennis Foley’s Writing the First Novel class and continued in Phyllis Pianka’s Constructing the Novel- – was released this Tuesday by Penguin USAs new NAL Jam line. Thought you’d like to know I took what I learned here and put it to good use.” – Trish Cook

“The class I took with was my first formal training in writing fiction. It was a nurturing, helpful experience, facilitated by an experienced writer who willingly shared her insights. The course gave me the confidence to.. keep working and editing my book. I’ve been fortunate, and my book will be published in April by Touchstone Books of Simon & Schuster. I definitely think my first step was an important one on this remarkable path.” – Susanne Dunlap, Author of Emilie’s Voice

“I enrolled in Phyllis Taylor Pianka’s Introduction to Fiction and Constructing the Novel courses. With Phyllis guidance, patience, and insightful comments I was able to land an agent who got me a two book deal with St. Martins Press. I’ve recently agreed to write three more young adult books for them. I enjoyed every second of the classes, and found the feedback from both Phyllis and the other students to be invaluable. I would recommend these courses to anyone looking to improve their writing.” – Alyson Noel

“I have and will continue to sing the praises of” – Susan Henry

“I have recommended to my best friend and to my daughter. I’ve already taken two and I’ve signed up for my third.” – Peggy Campbell

“This spring I won honorable mention in the Denny Prize. I can’t tell you what an important event this is. Believe me, you are doing GREAT work! And, I’m so lucky to be part of it. …. It’s BECAUSE of that I arrived here at this place in my life.” – Cyndy L Krey