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Our Philosophy: Writing Classes Should be Affordable and Amazing

At Writers.com, we’re passionate about the art and the craft of storytelling. And we want to help others with their practice of writing, whether the goal is clear communication, personal fulfillment or heartbreaking works of staggering genius.

Online classes let us cherry-pick the best teachers – all published, working authors – and bring them to computers across the globe. We’ve taught students working on cruise ships and volunteering for remote non-profits, and even one wintering-over high in the Arctic. As a result, we’ve built a vibrant, international community of writers, from beginners discovering their way to seasoned professionals who want to deepen their work and opportunities.

Direct weekly feedback fuels this process. Each student receives personalized attention, tailored to his or her level. Nothing improves writing faster than well-tuned edits and advice. Except practice, of course. And we’ll make sure you get plenty of that too, building momentum and good habits to endure long after your class ends.

Founded in 1995, Writers.com was the first writing school on the Internet. We’ve had decades to fine tune our approach, customer service and course offerings. And it shows: over a third of our alumni return to study with us again.

We hope you’ll join our community by taking an online writing workshop, private class or independent study with us!

Spend Less Time In Traffic And More Time Learning With Writers.com’s Courses

Deepen your writing, anywhere and anytime with virtual classrooms open around the clock. We bring renowned instructors right to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Best of all, they critique your work weekly, which helps you push past old patterns and boost your work to new heights.

We’re proud to provide this unrivaled level of individual attention in an era of Q&A-driven workshops and audit-only Massive Open Online Courses. At Writers.com, we don’t just talk at you. We listen. We discuss. And we react to your work, offering advice and inspiration.

The result? A classroom experience that’s often more intimate – and productive – than face-to-face workshops.

So why not skip the commute and get straight to improving your poetry or prose with us?

Supporting a Diverse Community

When we write, we write from the heart. For many of us, that writing traverses the details of our identities and personal experiences. Because of this, the staff and instructors at Writers.com are committed to supporting a community of diverse ideas and identities. Write your truth, regardless of your age, race, creed, sexuality, gender identity, nationality, educational background, income, political, religious, and social views, disability, or criminal history; and please extend the same spirit of respect and welcome to other Writers.com community members.

What does an inclusive writing community look like? For us, it means empathetic instruction, discussion, and feedback. We encourage students and instructors to work to understand each other’s lives and viewpoints, and to communicate their own perspectives constructively and productively.

It means acknowledging that the writing process is vulnerable, and fostering environments where we can feel safe in that vulnerability. We take this responsibility seriously, so if you have any suggestions or feedback—and especially if you or another community member may be feeling unwelcome—please don't hesitate to contact us.

The best writing community challenges the way we approach the written word, while also creating a safe space to grow as writers. Come as you are—all are welcome!

The Writers.com Student Promise

Whatever the course topic, structure, and instructor, all students can expect the same level of care and quality in their work with Writers.com. We strive to uphold the following principles:

  1. Respect: Every interaction you have with an instructor or administrator will be polite, considerate, and constructive. This includes acknowledging and respecting different perspectives and lived experiences.
  2. Flexibility: Every writer is on a unique journey. We seek to meet you where you're at, tailoring our instruction and feedback to your own needs and goals.
  3. Helpfulness: Our instructors are deeply experienced as both writers and teachers, and they commit to bringing that expertise to bear for your benefit. You should learn something new and valuable in your interactions with us.
  4. Creativity: Our courses and other writing spaces are designed to help nurture and hone your creativity, and never to inhibit your creative spark.
  5. Connection: Writing can be a solitary experience, but you don't have to do it alone. Through our courses and other offerings, we seek to provide a nurturing, supportive writing community.

Our Staff


Frederick Meyer: Director

Frederick has been with Writers.com since 2019. He studied literature, creative writing, social sciences, and business both as an undergraduate and in graduate school. He has also worked as a copyeditor, writing tutor, web developer, and spiritual coach. Frederick's writing interests are poetry, short fiction, and especially spiritual nonfiction. He strives to create a welcoming environment for all writers, wherever they're coming from and wish to go.


Sean Glatch: Administrator

Sean received his BA in creative writing, with a certificate in editing and publishing, from the University of Central Florida. He credits professors Rochelle Hurt and Terry Thaxton as influencing his poetry, and Micah Dean Hicks his fiction writing. Sean's accomplishments include winning a Florida State Louder Than a Bomb Slam Championship, Cypress Dome's Editor's Choice, and Southern Shorts Award for Best in Screenwriting. He was also a Best of the Net Nominee in 2017. His work appears in L'Ephemere Review, 8 Poems, Bombus Press, The Poetry Annals, Rising Phoenix Press, Pulp Poets Press, Ghost City Press, The Cypress Dome, and others. Sean is primarily a poet, and is also working on a novel that straddles the line of fantasy and magical realism. More at seanglatch.com.


Elle LaMarca: Curriculum Specialist

Elle is a writer and novelist originally from southwestern New York, now residing on the central coast in California. She does not miss the snow even a little bit. As an avid traveler, Elle can frequently be found wandering the globe, having lived in and explored over thirty countries, all while gaining inspiration for her writing and new perspectives on life. Elle is a former educator and Teach for America alumna, having taught in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Boston. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing from George Mason University and a M.A. in Education and Curriculum Design from Johns Hopkins University. She is passionate about well-crafted sentences and memorable metaphors. Elle is currently at work on a novel and a collection of personal essays.

mark dahlbyMark Dahlby: Founder

Mark founded Writers.com in the early 1990s, curious how the budding internet would affect writers and writing instruction. As Mark writes, “Writers.com was meant to be, and became, a place where creative writers of every sort could come for instruction, encouragement, and community.” Mark managed Writers.com for more than 20 years, retiring in 2019, and he continues to play an active role in guiding the organization's relationships, ethos, values, and approach to online writing instruction. Learn more about Mark's experience founding and running Writers.com here.