Writers.com Instructors

Working Writers offering Seasoned, Real-life Instruction

At Writers.com, our instructors are published, working writers, who are also experienced writing teachers. They’re passionate about sharing their experience and paying it forward to help others.  And they put that philosophy into practice every week, by offering direct feedback to each student. In a world of cheap Q&A-only workshops and massive open online courses, we’re staying true to the ideals of mentoring and human connections.

Unlike other schools that divert large amounts for administration and marketing, the bulk of the tuition you pay for a class through Writers.com goes directly to the teacher. We skip the bells and whistles, keeping our overhead low. That means your course fees go towards getting the best teachers possible, who can give your work the biggest boost.

Read more about the teachers on their individual pages.

Aatif Rashid

Amanda Hosch
Young adult, middle grade

Amy Bonnaffons
Novel, short story

Anna Scotti
Poetry, fiction, prose poetry

Anya Achtenberg
Memoir, literary fiction, autobiography

Barbara Henning
Literary fiction, poetry, flash fiction, prose poem, memoir

Blaise Allysen Kearsley
Creative nonfiction

Brad Wetzler
Creative nonfiction, spiritual nonfiction

Briana McGuckin
Gothic fiction, gothic memoir, romance, genre fiction

Caitlin Scarano

Corey Rosen
Storytelling, oral storytelling, performance

Dana De Greff
Nature writing

David Mills
Poetry, theater

Denise Santomauro
Young adult, middle grade, youth writing workshops

Derek JG Williams
poetry, essay, lyric essay

Donna Levin
Writing the novel

Elisa Bonnin
Speculative fiction, science writing

Elizabeth Winder
Poetry, creative nonfiction, lyric essay

Eman Quotah

Giulietta "Julie" Nardone
Humor, suspense, fiction and nonfiction

Gretchen Clark
Lyric essay, creative nonfiction

Hannah Howard
Food writing, essays

Jack Smith
The novel, the novella, literary fiction, memoir

Jacquelyn Stolos
Literary fiction, speculative fiction

Jeanne De Vita
Romance writing

Jeff Lyons
Storytelling, story development, premise development

Jennifer Billock
Food writing

Jessica Festa
Blogging, freelancing, digital media

Jessie Roy
Literary fiction

Joanna Penn Cooper
Creative nonfiction

Jonathan “J.G.” McClure
Poetry, literary essay, creative nonfiction

Joy Roulier Sawyer
Poetry, essays, fiction

Jude Nutter

Kelly Bingham
YA Poetry Novels

Lisa C. Taylor
Poetry, fiction, flash fiction

Lissa Jensen
Visual journal, myth, fairy tale

Lyzette Wanzer
Career building

Marc Olmsted
Poetry, seeing, meditation and writing

Margo Perin
Memoir, autobiographical fiction, poetry

Margo Steines
Essays, memoir

Meghan Sterling

Miho Kinnas
Poetry, Japanese poetry forms

Moriel Rothman-Zecher
Poetry, novels, essays

Nadia Colburn
Poetry, essays, mindfulness

Nicole Hardy
Creative nonfiction, poetry

Ollie Schminkey
Poetry, slam poetry

Rosemary Tantra Bensko
Short story, fiction, experimental fiction

Rudri Bhatt Patel
Journalism, personal essay

Sandra Novack
Writing the novel

Sarah Aronson
Writing for children and YA

Sarah Herrington
Creative nonfiction

Shankar Narayan

Shelby Hinte
Fiction, creative nonfiction

Susan Barr-Toman
Novel, essay

Susan Pohlman
Screenwriting, memoir

Susan Vespoli
Poetry, personal writing

Tamara Dean
Short story, essay

Tina Barry
Poetry, fiction

Troy Wilderson

Wendy Call
Creative nonfiction, feature-writing, literary journalism, essay and memoir

Zining Mok
Poetry, creative nonfiction, hybrid