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Online Writing Courses Starting Soon:

October Courses

Writing Circles & Exercises to Spark New Poems (Tuesdays and Saturdays)


October 5|6 week|$360

Looking for inspiration? Write, vent, laugh, and honor your writing practice in these generative writing circle workshops.


The Hero’s Journey For Storytellers


October 5|10 Weeks|$460

Structure your story and give it meaning with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

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Deepening and Organizing Our Stories: Memoir/Creative Nonfiction and Autobiographical Fiction


October 6|10 Weeks|$560

For writers of memoir, creative nonfiction and fiction, with some experience. Particularly helpful to writers in the midst of a longer work.

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You Yourself Are the Beloved: Writing with South Asian Ghazals


October 8|Single-Day Webinar|$129

The ghazal poem has a rich history with a tricky form to master. Learn the ropes in this inspiring and electrifying workshop.


Crafting a Story or Novel Chapter Using Forward-Moving Tension


October 12|5 Weeks|$275

How do writers tell stories with tension, action, and emotion? Learn how to write forward-moving tension in this 5 week fiction course.

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Telling Your Food Story


October 12|4 Weeks|$235

Let's write at the kitchen table together, as we explore using food as a lens to tell our stories.

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The Foundations of Poetry


October 12|8 weeks|$395

Discover the elements of poetic mastery: structure and form, sound and tone, image and metaphor, character and voice, and much more.

The Sixth Sense: Writing Horror with a Message


October 12|4 Weeks|$235

Looking to write the substance of nightmares? Learn the ropes of horror writing in this spine-chilling fiction course.


Writing Our Grief: How to Channel Loss into Creative Expression


October 12|8 Weeks|$395

Writing about grief is a powerful healing tool. Turn pain into power in this personal essay course, with instructor Rudri Patel.

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Using Your Poetry Skills to Write Memoir


October 13|Single-Day Webinar|$89

How do poets tell their stories in prose? Take the leap from poetry to memoir in this hybrid writing workshop.

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Student Testimonials

nabila zahur writers.com

It was so fantastic working with other serious writers and getting their input. I have taken part in other writer critique groups, but I felt that the difference here is that everyone who came in is really serious about the craft.

I managed to revise and rewrite the first half of my novel during this course, and I have a plan for how to tackle the rest.

The ultimate success for me was that my husband could see a lot of improvement between the writing he saw in week 1 vs in week 10. Feeling inspired and empowered from this course!

-Nabila Zahur, novelist

This was my first course with Writers.com, and my first course in this global format (we had members from London, Australia, Denmark, and the US). It worked very well.

The course content was thoughtful, informative, and well-organized. The instructor was supportive and encouraging to all, and matched her level of critique to the level of the participant. I felt we were in the hands of a master and mentor, and it was a privilege to have her undivided attention eight times in two months.

-Fred Lindgren

fred lindgren writers.com
melissa decarlo

Writers.com classes provide a great way to sharpen your writing skills and join a community of writers. Try a few-you won't be disappointed.

-Melissa DeCarlo, author of The Art Of Crash Landing (Harper Paperbacks/HarperCollins)

Browse More Testimonials

Gabriel Padilla – Architecture of the Creative Heart

September 16, 2022

I absolutely loved this course and I highly recommend it. Mr. Mills is an extremely passionate teacher and has helped my writing immensely.

Tamara Kreutz – Growing Smaller

September 16, 2022

I really enjoyed this class. It was well-conceptualized and a lot of fun. Tina was very organized, prepared, and pointed in her feedback.

Peggy Capomaggi – The Healing Power of Poetry

September 16, 2022

Excellent. The course was a great experience. I found the content educational, the participants engaged, and the instructor, Joy Sawyer, extremely interesting and knowledgeable. I was very glad to have taken the course. I wish it had been longer in duration! 

Michelle Bentcliff – The Healing Power of Poetry

September 16, 2022

This is a healing poetry class on so many levels. Joy is kind, enthusiastic, encouraging and an inspiring teacher who creates a safe space where people can share their innermost feelings. She provided personalized, in-depth and supporting feedback on each person’s poems. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to put their expressions in poems feeling healing in the process.

Emily Barkin – Architecture of the Creative Heart

September 12, 2022

Outstanding teacher of all things poetry-related. David’s subject knowledge is extensive. It’s thrilling to come away with much more than a cursory understanding of various poetic forms and the confidence to use them in my own work. The lectures were intense and inspiring. I love what I learned and especially loved feeling like writer’s block was no longer a problem. 

Mimi Zhou – Writing Spontaneously

September 7, 2022

Exactly what I was hoping for—targeted immersion into a specific writer’s tool backed by discussion and in-class exercises. Jesse picked a good slice of a broader topic to focus on for the one-day course and provided excellent exercises to bring her points home. She was friendly and supportive to everyone in the class. Great learning environment!

Tina Siegel – Growing Smaller

September 7, 2022

Tina was great—her feedback was thorough, thoughtful, and enthusiastic. She did a wonderful job of highlighting strengths and identifying weaknesses in a useful way.

Susan Vespoli – Growing Smaller

September 7, 2022

Another inspiring workshop taught by Tina Barry. Usually, I don’t write or read fiction, but was able to apply the lessons to my work in prose poetry and CNF. Good tips in story telling and formatting prose pieces. Well-crafted workshop, good examples, lessons. Tina is top notch. 

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