Aubrey Hirsch

Aubrey Hirsch is a writer and illustrator living in New York. Her stories, essays, and comics have appeared in The New York TimesVoxTIME MagazineAmerican Short FictionBlack Warrior ReviewThe RumpusThe Nib and elsewhere. Aubrey is the author of a short story collection, Why We Never Talk About Sugar, and a flash fiction chapbook, This Will Be His Legacy.

Aubrey also teaches writing classes online and in person. She has taught in BA and MFA programs at Oberlin College, The University of Pittsburgh, Colorado College, Georgia College and State University, and Chatham University.

Aubrey is the recipient of a 2022 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in Literature, an individual artist award from the Sustainable Arts Foundation, the Daehler Fellowship in Creative Writing from The Colorado College, and The Meek Award for Graphic Nonfiction from The Florida Review.

Student Feedback for Aubrey

The course was clear, informative and inspiring. I especially liked the exercises Aubrey shared, and the fact that she did them along with us. Aubrey was smart, friendly and encouraging. Teresa Wong

Ms. Hirsch was an outstanding teacher. The characteristic of hers that left the biggest impression was her generosity. She was open to sharing both her positive and negative experiences, and offering her comments on anything we had to share. She is also a technical expert and shared that expertise with us to help us build our skills. Her teaching skills, communication, skills, and technical skills were a great combination and made the class an excellent experience. Glenn Nicol