(Live Workshop) The Art of Love Stories: A Flash Fiction Workshop

with Zining Mok

how to write love stories flash fiction workshop

What makes a good love story? How do you capture the feeling of love or heartbreak in words?

In this three-hour workshop, we will explore different approaches to writing love stories through reading examples of flash fiction love stories. In addition to discussing methods for writing about love, we will also ask: what makes a piece of flash fiction feel complete? How do you craft a plot in such a short amount of space?

Because we have a limited amount of time, we’ll be exploring primarily romantic and familial forms of love. However, we definitely welcome writing about all kinds of love!

This course is open to all writers. No prior experience is necessary, but do come prepared to discuss the readings, share writing, and try new approaches to writing.

Learning & Writing Goals

  • To develop an appreciation for the craft of flash fiction
  • To read different examples of flash fiction love stories
  • To experiment with different approaches to building a flash fiction love story
  • To apply techniques to our own writing through in-class writing exercises

Webinar Schedule

This webinar runs on Zoom from 7-10pm EST. The schedule is as follows:
7-7:30pm: Introductions & discussion.
7:30-9pm: Read and discuss examples of love stories; guided writing exercises.
9-10pm: Share writing; Q&A.

Student Comments

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Student Feedback for Zining Mok:

I really liked this course. It was very well laid out and covered the basics of writing poetry clearly and effectively. Zining was always kind and encouraging, but was also very good at pointing out nuanced areas for growth in my work. Tamara Kreutz

The teacher was very responsive and I benefited from her ability to target my strengths and weaknesses in a very tactful but direct way. She clearly brought a new level of artistry to my work and I will forever be grateful to her. The format was wonderful and my classmates were forthcoming and the participation was open and full. She truly improved the craft of my poetry. Zining Mok is very knowledgeable and explained many techniques, forms and structures that I was up until now unaware. I recommend this course highly!! Beverly George

Excellent. I would take the course again—the exact same one. There is so much to glean from the material presented that one pass is not enough. I Highly recommend Zining to any aspiring poet or anyone exploring poetry. Melissa Lenon

Zining's writing class was great! The group activities were awesome and because you divided us based on our topics, we were able to form groups with like-minded people and I ended up becoming really good friends with my groups. I really did enjoy this class and it showed that Zining cared about us as students and people in the way she organized it.

Zining's comments and analysis about the readings were very insightful and helped me learn.

The readings were extremely engaging and diverse, this helped me to better understand the breadth of creativity available in the genre.

Zining left herself open to getting questions after class, before class, and during class. And she replied accordingly. She was also very understanding, made me feel comfortable and understood.

Everything Zining did was incredibly helpful to me. I really enjoyed coming to this class. She made me feel more than just standardized and helped me have more confidence in my ideas and writing style. She provided amazing conferences with great feedback on our papers. I also really liked the examples she provided for us. I have already recommended her to a friend of mine who is taking this writing class next semester.

Zining is awesome, my favorite instructor this semester by far. She's very helpful and understanding and she presented the course material clearly and made class enjoyable.

I felt that Zining read each student's workshop story carefully and with enthusiasm. She included examples of other authors appropriate to a particular student's writing assignment.

Zining was very encouraging to any thoughts anyone had and created a very welcoming, positive environment.

Zining gave really good concrete feedback on all of my writing, and on my peers' writing as well. She really listened to what people said about their writing and gave suggestions based off of what they said they wanted for their pieces. I also liked the way Zining ran workshops. I think dividing the time and having certain parts designated for certain questions or comments was helpful and kept workshops organized.

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Zining Mok is obsessed with random things: orchids, arabesques, sand. Her first book, The Orchid Folios (Ethos Books, 2020), was shortlisted for the 2022 Singapore Literature Prize in English Poetry. Her words can be found on Witness Magazine, The LARB, and The Cincinnati Review, among other magazines. She lives in Singapore, where she is at work on an essay collection, The Earthmovers.