How to Write a Pantoum Poem

how to write a pantoum poem

The pantoum poem is a poem of any length, sectioned in quatrains, and it has experienced a recent surge in popularity from contemporary poets. Like other forms, such as the villanelle or the ghazal, pantoum poems rely on the strategic repetition of lines whose meanings change throughout the piece. The pantoum poem originated in 15th…

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What is Purple Prose? The Case Against Overly Ornate Writing

writing purple prose

Ah, purple prose: that ornate room of language: that jeweled scabbard with which the writer unsheaths their mightiest thoughts, decorated and aglitter in the light of passing eyes; so wrought with its own exigence, it twists the reader’s mind, so labyrinthine. If you didn’t understand that paragraph, I didn’t either. It’s not good writing, but…

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Creative Writing Feedback: How to Workshop Creative Writing

how to workshop creative writing

Writing workshops are a wonderful way to grow and expand your writing skills—provided you know how to workshop creative writing. There are different writing workshop models, both online and in person, each with their own particular ways of benefiting your writing journey. What are those models, and how do you engage in proper critique writing?…

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Writing Styles: What is Style in Writing?

writing style

Writing styles may be hard to define, but something separates Hemingway from Steinbeck, Atwood from LeGuin, or Keats from Wordsworth. Though two given writers might dwell on similar themes, every writer expresses a unique writing style, conveyed through elements like word choice, narrative structure, and the author’s own voice. But what is style in writing?…

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Sestina Poetry: How to Write a Sestina Poem

how to write a sestina poem

The sestina poem is a centuries old poetry form with a strict format that requires the precise repetition of end words. It is a challenging form to write, as the form demands poets to adhere to a precise mathematical structure while still advancing complex ideas in language. Poets who want to challenge themselves will find…

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The 35 Best Gifts for Writers in Your Life

best gifts for writers

Professional authors chime in on gift ideas for writers—both during the holidays and any time of year. If you’re looking for the best gifts for writers in your life, look no further. There are lots of great gifts for creative writers—you just need to get in a writer’s head. With the help of some lovely…

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What is Speculative Fiction? Definition and Writing Tips

What is speculative fiction?

What is speculative fiction? Take a look at objective reality. Now, change something about that reality—put it on Mars, in the year 3,000, add some magical mayhem, etc. Speculative fiction is all about extraordinary circumstances, where characters have to navigate conflicts that don’t exist in our reality. Many types of genre fiction fall under the…

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