There is a window
that invites
with its invisible rim
screenless screen
curtain ripples
in the breeze.

The window breathes in
and breathes
out the inside air
and the outside
air together
and it scatters the light

a burst of orange
mosaic butterfly wing
diffuses sunlight
flutters on an exhalation
from an indoor exultation.

Another window shrivels
with wood rot
sealed shut
tight as a canning jar
part of the frame
dissociated listing
at a 45° angle.

Beware the window
with heavy opulent
drapes painted
in still-life brocade
peaches and plums
unmoved in a gust
of wind blocking
the spell of the
full moon
stifling inspiration
muffling the melody
that wants to ride inside
on the wind
and back out
on the wings of a song.

Neither heard
nor unheard
neither framed nor unframed
I sing the unbounded joy
pulsating in the
expanding universe.

Christie Chandler has recently returned to writing poetry thanks to two poetry classes. She works as a Teacher-Librarian, was formerly a Public Librarian, and also taught college for a few years. She led a grant-funded project on photography, poetry and civic engagement with high school youth that turned into a traveling exhibit. She currently works with younger students and especially loves storytelling and facilitating poetry workshops. She has won several awards for her poetry. Christie lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband John.

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