wind telepathy, lost agency, and a barking dog.

the volunteer morning glories
sound their single white note,
floating on noise-chorus
tangled, green audio.

flash of goldfinch
beneath pale memory,
moon yellow butterfly
zig-zag flight
hardly less than vivid,
a crow barks—squalling orders overhead
below small aircraft motor
bothering the silence.

relentless squabble brothers
fight again next door,
train whistle commentary
passage along the silent Sound,
compounded by echoes &
muffle clouds’ puff-delay.

neighbor chickens cackle,
free ranging one yard away,
bird call broadcast drifting sideways
into view, busy jibber-jabber talk,
tweeting more nonsense, more newsfeed

now let’s unpack that statement

(let’s not)

the birds’ chirp circus ministry
is more astute, more adaptable
to the swaying away of morning,
perfume breeze of fecund flower bush
and lone sparrow winging-up puddle dust—
YES, little pigpen!
of dirt-bathing in the driveway.

Genevieve Legacy is a writer-artist living in Washington State. With an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University, her poetry has been published in The Hazmat Review, Napalm Health Spa, Poetry Superhighway, Sensitive Skin Magazine, and Global Poemic.

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