Saturday Parking Lot

Gray clouds hover
white headlights, red-lit tails
punctuate the quiet—
what will the next moment bring?
Dark-winged roof crow in muscled flight
orange and Halloween striped truck
dove-brown gull’s soaring circles
the masked and waiting line-up
beneath the thrift store overhang
while February rain
strikes tinny, percussive
more question than answer
yellow rain jacket promise
of spring.

Genevieve Legacy is a writer-artist living in Washington State. With an MFA from Lesley University, Legacy was a freelance writer for Jackson Free Press from 2012-2016, writing about jazz and blues musicians, artists, films, spiritual practice, pilgrimage and rodeo clowns. Her poetry has been published in The Hazmat Review, Napalm Health Spa, Poetry Superhighway, Sensitive Skin Magazine, and Global Poemic.

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