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The Successful Novel: Everything You Need to Write, Revise, and Publish

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Write your best novel.

Sharing your novel with the world can be daunting. Almost all aspiring novelists struggle with:

  • Knowing where to start.
  • Working with stuckness, overwhelm, and writer’s block.
  • Working with plot and story structure.
  • Developing compelling characters.
  • Knowing how, and how much, to revise and edit.
  • Navigating publishing options.
  • Staying motivated throughout the process.

To overcome these challenges, you need a clear guide to success: detailed, expert advice that will help you move your novel smoothly through writing, revision, and publishing, and into the hands of happy readers.

Wherever you are on your novel writing journey, if you want to move forward with confidence and share your story with the world, then The Successful Novel is for you.

Thank you for the sheer volume of helpful and inspirational information in The Successful Novel.

James E.

The Successful Novel: Everything You Need to Write, Revise, and Publish

In The Successful Novel, we’ve gathered the best advice on novel writing, revision, and publication from’s expert novelist instructors, plus actionable publishing insights from literary agents. You’ll learn how to approach each step of the process with clarity and confidence.

In The Successful Novel, you will:

  • Find confidence and motivation throughout your novel writing journey.
  • Nourish and hone your unique voice.
  • Connect with other writers for writing community, support, accountability, and feedback.
  • Learn how character and conflict interact to create story.
  • Develop story structures that honor the moral dilemmas at the heart of any great story.
  • Craft powerful and well-rounded protagonists—and antagonists.
  • Write clear and impactful prose.
  • Learn exactly what literary agents are looking for when they receive a manuscript submission.
  • Avoid common mistakes that first-time novelists often make.
  • Learn proven editing and revision strategies.

All these benefits are evergreen: you’ll have lifetime access, for every novel you write.

What’s included:

Here’s what you’ll get as part of The Successful Novel:

1. In-Depth Multimedia Chapters

Your guide to the key topics in novel writing: everything from character development to story structure to developing your unique voice. These 25 chapters come with concise key takeaways, clear examples, and engaging exercises.

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2. Expert Video Workshops

Over seven hours of video workshops by expert novelists:

  • Anatomy of a Premise Line and How to Avoid the “Mushy Middle” of Any Story with Jeff Lyons;
  • How to Write Beginnings and Endings with Sarah Aronson;
  • How to Edit Your Novel with Donna Levin; and
  • The Surprising Sentence: Honing Your Prose Style with Jessie Roy.

3. Novelist Interviews

Interviews with six award-winning novelists on how to find confidence, craft, and creativity in novel writing.

4. Agent Interviews

Candid, detailed interviews with four literary agents on exactly what they look for in a novel manuscript, and everything you need to know to make your manuscript stand out.

5. Handy Resources and Guides

Exclusive templates and guides for everything from character development to writing synopses.

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In-depth advice from expert novelists and agents

The Successful Novel channels the expertise of nearly a dozen literary professionals, with one question in mind: How can you write and publish your best novel?

martha wydysh
Literary Agent Martha Wydysh
Agent interview
heather carr
Literary Agent Heather Carr
Agent interview
Donna Levin Novelist Headshot
Instructor Donna Levin
Novelist interview, How to Edit video course
jessie roy headshot
Instructor Jessie Roy
Novelist interview, Surprising Sentence video course
Jessica Errera
Literary Agent Jessica Errera
Agent interview
Sarah Aronson on the "Three I's" of Writing
Instructor Sarah Aronson
Novelist interview, Beginnings and Endings video course
Instructor Barbara Henning
Novelist interview
Jack Smith
Instructor Jack Smith
Novelist interview
sulamita garbuz
Literary Agent Sulamita Garbuz
Agent interview
Lucy Berrington
Instructor Lucy Berrington
Instructor interview
Instructor Jeff Lyons
Novelist interview, Premise Line and Mushy Middle video courses

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