James Dean died
    On Hwy 46
        west of Lost Hills
’55 silver Porsche Spyder
    going too
            damned fast

Drove by there the other day
    coyote crossed
        in front of me
    alive and running
            fast enough

My young cousin,
        brand new motorbike
    cross street in Berkeley 1:00 am
        Just going too
            damned fast

All these years of rough
    and tumble
        sitting in the garden like
     a child, hands in the dirt
        heart beating
            A little too fast

Stefan Graves lives in the hill country near Watsonville, CA. Worked as stonemason, BA in Literature, ocean swimmer, stream walker, birdwatcher; father, brother, son, friend.

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  1. Scott Graves on July 28, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    Stunningly poignant.
    Sadly familiar.

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