Susannah Simpson

Susannah Simpson has been in the nursing profession for many years and much of that time was spent as a hospice nurse. Simpson’s work was accepted by Cream Literary Alliance: Her Voice Series and was read last November at the Norton Museum. Simpson has been published in: North American Review, Potomac, Wisconsin Review, South Carolina Review, POET, Nimrod International, New Verse Daily, Poet Lore, Salamander, Sequestrum, SWWIM, South Florida Poetry Journal, and Xavier Review among othersHer book: Geography of Love & Exile was published in 2016 by Cervena Barva Press. She is the creator of WriteRECOVERY: Our Stories Can Save Us, a therapeutic writing curriculum designed to encourage people in 12 Step recovery. She is a volunteer teacher for DePorres Literacy Center and she is Founder/Co-Director of Performance Poets of The Palm Beaches Reading Series. Simpson holds an MFA from Bennington and a Ph.D. from SUNY/Binghamton.

Susannah has been an adjunct faculty member at Palm Beach State College and South University in West Palm Beach, FL, and at SUNY/ Empire College, Old Westbury, NY. She also served as Director of Academic Support@ SUNY/ Empire College, Long Island Center. She has been a presenter for JournalVerse:, Consultation Clinic, Therapeutic Writing Institute, National Association of Poetry Therapy and was a presenter for SUNY/Empire State ,LIC, on Soldier Poets of the Vietnam War.

Susannah has taught LIFE AS AN ART FORM © Creative Writing Sessions for

Wellington Women’s Writing Group, Royal Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach Poetry Festival Outreach Workshop
Morse Life Institute, West Palm Beach,
Afghan Women’s Writing Project (On-line)
Westbury Senior Center, Westbury, NY
Recreational Therapy Department, VA Hospital, Northport, NY
Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, NY

Student Comments

It has been my pleasure as well as my gain to have studied Creative Writing with Susannah W. Simpson. It is a rare and great gift to work with a teacher who is living what she is teaching; she understands the creative process and is technically knowledgeable about her field.  Writing is not just a means to a salary, but a vital part of her life.  Susannah has also helped me to be a critical reader and listener, and to expand my reading experience. All of Susannah’s writing and teaching talents are wrapped in an understanding of skillful, caring group management and tied together with a delightful sense of humor.  Thanks to Susannah I have found writing to be both a joy and a release. Marilyn B. Iannucci

Not only did I learn, I was quite entertained and had a great time. Susannah was very engaging and encouraging. Josephine Yankau Wong

Not only is Ms. Simpson an accomplished teacher, but she is also a very successful poet and continually volunteers her time as a writing instructor to many community and grassroots initiatives including work with the elderly and veterans.   Many have commented to me of how personable and effective Ms. Simpson is as a writing teacher.  Teaching  writing is Susannah Simpson’s passion.  I am continually impressed and inspired by her dedication, commitment, and ability. Ms. Simpson achieves this, in part,  by providing  tips, techniques, and support that have helped writers significantly. Carol Fleming-Jones

I didn’t know whether I had any writing ability, but Susannah was so inspirational and supportive that I was encouraged with my progress and eager to continue with her next course, and the one after that, and so on for the next 3 years. I was so totally captivated by Susannah’s inspiration, creativity and insightful support that I came to think I could write in any of the genres she would teach.  She was able to find something to praise in the work of the least skilled of us in the class.  And we all got better.  Some classmates even had work published. I never knew I could do any creative writing until I had Susannah for my teacher.  I would take any class she offered! Barbara Krampitz

Very good program. It helped me gain greater insight into myself and allowed me to be my authentic self, even if only on paper. This course, used in concert with the 12 steps, will enrich the lives of people walking along the path of recovery. Will H.

Susannah's WriteRECOVERY© workshop was helpful for me to see a new perspective into the first 3 steps, but more importantly, a gentle way to get me writing about the inner me. I looked forward to settling into my chair in front of my computer on Zoom for Susannah's class each week. It gave me a chance to take a breath, to regroup, and breathe easier after each session. Ashley O.

This gift which you own, and so willingly share, has benefitted many. I hope that you will continue to hold on to this "Passion," which has been such a source of nurturing and comforting. There are patients who continue to speak fondly of you and your groups, and who remember that you cared to make a positive difference in their lives. I too, will never forget. Angela Clarke-Barber, R.N.

During my recovery challenge, I was fortunate enough to attend Dr. Simpson's WriteRecovery© seminars. During the program process, I was dealing with challenging emotions. With the prompts, the support, and guidance by Dr. Simpson, the program allowed me the platform to express my difficult feelings. The process served as an invaluable resource and allowed me an outlet to get my feelings out and it gave me a way to look forward to my recovery process I was able to feel my creativity. It was very inspiring.  The program provided me wonderful platform to get to know myself. I was inspired to look deeper into my authentic self. I'm hoping to attend more WriteRecovery© seminars in the future. Beth R.

My name is Shawna Scarpitti ATR-BC, nationally board-certified art therapist, and I co-facilitated hundreds of expressive arts groups in treatment centers across PB COUNTY with Dr. Susannah Simpson during the timeframe of 2014 through 2017. Dr Simpson’s ability to engage the room as well as inspire, inform, and help people heal through the power of expressive writing is second to none!  She delivers a power packed curriculum tailored specifically for those in recovery with compelling visual and written prompts that encourage, support, and create awareness. Dr. Simpson‘s capacity to design and hold the energetic space so that others may find their authentic voice as they recover is unmatchable.  I highly recommend her. Shawna Scarpitti ATR-BC

"I attended a session of WriteRecovery© with Susannah Simpson on Step Three of the Twelve Steps of Recovery.  I've been in multiple recovery programs before that session and none provided the clarity, language, and resonance like the exercises from the Write Recovery session.  As an atheist I've always been challenged by some of the wording in recovery programs and had difficulty in identifying my "higher power;" WR gave me options to design my own version of a source where and how I could turn over my addictions and life issues.  I am so grateful for this approach and look forward to attending more sessions with Susannah.  She utilizes both traditional and contemporary language that the participant can self-select to create their unique definition and meaning." Jan Smith, MSW, MFA Executive Director, SOMOS 

Susannah’s WriteRECOVERY© format is able to get participants to think about things themselves in a different way which was a powerful experience for them. My clients had nothing but positive things to say about it. I have always appreciated the results this type of writing is able to yield with my clients. Staci Morey LSCW

As an observer and participant, I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Simpson and benefiting from her WriteRECOVERY© system.  Dr. Simpson provides a brilliant program that has made the difference in creating wellness for her clients.  Her methods include quotes, prompts and an open-ended journaling practice where the participants can explore ideas, thoughts and feelings to gain self-insight.

Dr. Simpson’s expertise allows for a focused, enlightening experience where Clients explore their perspective regarding a question, quote or topic and in a free-form writing style can increase awareness of their inner world of consciousness.  Clients discover belief systems that are either expanding and growing – helping them to thrive.

Clients are often surprised by the flow of consciousness which expresses on the page.  I’ve witnessed clients flourish with new-found wisdom and insight, as well as a previously untapped flair for creativity through various poetry forms which can bring clarity and inspiration, and be life-changing for them.

In the culture of Substance Abuse Treatment Dr. Simpson’s manner is humorous, dedicated and inspiring as she provides an effective tool to examine irrational belief systems, codependent relationships, and any negative or limiting thinking that doesn’t serve her participants.  Writing provides an opportunity to tap into inner wisdom and insight, which can become a source of strength and resilience and provide a coping tool to prevent relapse.

Many Clients are sufficiently open-minded to try something new; some are expanding an already effective journaling practice.  They report positive growth in well-being and connection with self-insight which increases their ability to discover inner resources for establishing a life in recovery.

Joy Adle, LMHC, Executive Recovery

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