Simple Winter Sanity-Saving Writing Circles

with Susan Vespoli

winter writing circle course

November 30, 2022 | 4 Weeks |


Text and Live Video

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Want to write your way to the finish line of 2022? Want to let go of and say goodbye to a momentous year, and honor all the changes in yourself and the world? Want to set your intentions for a new chapter? Want to connect with other writers and keep your writing practice going through the month of December but not commit to perfectly polished poems and prose (unless you feel like writing them!)?

If your answer is yes, please join us for Simple Winter Sanity-Saving Writing Circles. Each week, all you have to do is click on the Zoom invitation you’ll be sent twice a week, show up on your computer screen for 1.5 hours, armed with pen and notebook, ready to write as fast and messily as you can.

Write, vent, laugh, honor, and sail through December with eight Monday/Friday Zoom writing circles: a chance to let it all out onto the page. We’ll write in timed bursts, read aloud to each other, plus commune on the classroom site between writing circles.

On the class site, there will be an ongoing forum to check in each week, respond to prompts/optional assignments, share writing, and support each other through the season.

Schedule of Writing Circles

We will meet twice a week on the following days/times:

Mondays @ 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Fridays @ 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

If you need help getting set up on Zoom, Susan and the staff are happy to help.

My all-time favorite teacher is Susan Vespoli. At no time did I feel that I was taking a risk in reading what I wrote because Susan had created such a safe place.
—Jane Knox


Through the month of December, we will join together on Zoom to write away the year, process together, welcome the darker, colder days of winter in weekly writing circles. We’ll also have some writing opportunities on the classroom site. Each week, there will be OPTIONAL prompts, assignments, and encouragement to flourish through the month.

Week One – Thrive

2022 has been another unique and challenging year, but in this final month, there ARE ways to thrive, not just survive. Beginning in Week One, we will focus on thriving and tap into the best parts of the winter season.

Week Two – Nourish

‘Tis the season for the warm and nourishing comfort of food and lifestyle practices. In Week Two, we will explore ways to feed body, mind, and spirit.

Week Three – Light

Winter Solstice occurs during Week Three. We will take a look at what this darkest day of the year means in our world. Winter Solstice is believed by some to be a time for renewal and self-reflection.

Week Four – Ceremonies & Rituals

The final week of December is a time for releasing the old and ringing in the new. It’s also time for ceremonies, rituals, and festivals around the globe. We will wrap up our month by remembering classic holiday/seasonal practices from our past while considering new ones we may want to add for our future.


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Student Feedback for Susan Vespoli:

The weekly meets up have been a blessing in these unusual times. I have felt lifted after every session. It's incredible to participate in a creative space that is encouraging and kind. Natalia Evans

Susan is inspirational--positive, thoughtful, and always willing to help. She is not just a teacher, but also a peer and a fellow writer guiding the class through the journey. John Johnson

Susan Vespoli is a wonderful teacher/facilitator. She creates a safe space for each group, gives us realistic timed writings with soft landings, and makes sure that no one is ever left out from reading. Most all of us show up for the twice-a-week group, and as the days go by, our writing gets deeper into meaning. We truly end each session not just knowing each other better, but with a deep caring toward each other. This is my fourth group in the circle with Susan, and I hope there will be many more to come. Andrea Gordon

Really great writing circle. Lovely group of writers, great feedback given and received, and a wonderful experience writing together. Made me realize the importance of a good writing community. Susan's writing circles are a gift. I learned so much from everyone, and am immensely grateful for the opportunity to write with this group. Amy Smith

Susan's class was a joy. It was well organized and interesting. Susan is a caring and very invested teacher. She was very present all during the class and her feedback was well thought and helpful. Ariela Zucker

I started taking Susan’s classes almost 2 years ago and never stopped.What a blessing for my writing and my mental health. Her writing circles are a place to let loose and get creative. She does an excellent job of making it a safe space to share. Wild writing has been pivotal for me as a writer. It is where I come up with new material for poems and prose, and has also grown into a spiritual practice. I have grown so much as a poet from Susan’s feedback and encouragement. Ten out of ten, highly recommended to take again and againDean Angeles

This was my first writing circle course; I've been dabbling in poetry for a while now but had not interacted with others in this sort of setting. Susan created a welcoming, open environment for all of the students and chose some terrific poems as prompts. I am now inspired to go to the next level and workshop my poems rather than just writing from prompts. Tom Kerr

Excellent. The whole class—teacher and fellow writers—are so supportive and encouraging. Cheryl Treiber-Kawaoka

This is my favorite of the three courses I've taken with The Zoom writing circles were incredibly powerful. Susan is a great facilitator. She was always timely in feedback and had a well organized course that was easy to navigate. Tamara Kreutz

Susan is a truly gifted teacher, whose presence and generous spirit create a safe environment in which to write and share freely. I appreciate her openness, the lack of judgement, and her willingness always to share her own writing. Lovely circle! Sarah Putnam

Susan was lovely and responded in a timely manner. She gave detailed feedback... The content of this class was PERFECT. Lessette F. Altamiranda.

Susan brought together a group of strangers from all walks of life and all points on the continent, and under her calm and insightful leadership encouraged us to find our own writing styles, speak our own truths, and support each other as a community. Jennifer Burton

Susan's feedback and promptness were very professional. Her lessons are packed with information and ideas.  And, after the class was completed, she kept the site open for additional time to finish assignments, which I greatly appreciated. I look forward to interacting with her in another class! Joan Connor

This was a terrific class. The lessons were well-organized and stimulating. They had excellent "lectures" and plenty of additional resources and ideas. I will be able to refer back to them for inspiration for months. Susan was a thoughtful and resourceful teacher. She was able to nurture an especially lively and collegial relationship among the class, as we discussed the lessons and responded to each other's writing. Please encourage Susan to offer this class again! Marge Osborn

I have taken a number of courses at and I have always found the teachers did a good job. My all- time favorite teacher is Susan Vespoli. She did an excellent job of providing readings that set a creative tone and she chose excellent prompts. She assured us that it was not necessary to use what she provided. I appreciated the manner in which she responded to our shares. At no time did I feel that I was taking a risk in reading what I wrote because Susan had created such a safe place. Jane Knox

Taking Susan’s workshop helps me generate tons of ideas for my fiction writing. It also helps me write regularly. I cannot wait to join her next session. Sharon Mirza

The writing circles on Zoom have been my favorite part of this class. Being able to write at scheduled times rather than around the clock really helps me to set writing dates and to write with others. Also, I like the spontaneous nature of the writing on Zoom meetings, and being able to see and hear the other students and the teacher. Noa Granot

This class was amazing! Susan did a fantastic job with the curriculum and with keeping the group moving with discussion and encouragement. Susan created a very safe experience for all of us. She's a fantastic facilitator - providing poems and lines from those poems that somehow really tap into things for me. Andi Reed

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About Susan Vespoli

Susan Vespoli learned early on that writing is a tool to stay sane, not to mention healthy. For years, she owned and ran a Montessori school where she taught young kids, but after a mid-life wakeup call, she sold everything, moved to a cabin in the forest, and set off to earn her MFA in poetry and nonfiction from Antioch University Los Angeles.

Since 2010, she’s taught adults: creative writing summer courses online through Prescott College, English classes in-person at Maricopa Community Colleges, and has led Wild Writing circles. Her poems and essays have been published or are forthcoming in spots such as Rattle, Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, Mom Egg Review, Nailed Magazine, Emrys Journal, Write Bloody, New Verse News, OVS Magazine, Verse Wisconsin, Role Reboot, and Pact Press.  She’s received three Pushcart Prize nominations for her poetry and is the author of Blame It on the Serpent (Finishing Line Press, January 2022), Cactus as Bad Boy (Kelsay Books, July 2022) and two chapbooks by dancing girl press.

Since Susan is a devout believer in the power of writing to heal/transform/illuminate, she practices what she preaches with daily morning pages a la the Julia Cameron Artist-Way technique and attends as many classes and workshops in writing as she can. She was trained as a Wild Writing teacher by Laurie Wagner of 27 Powers. She lives in Phoenix, AZ with her three poetic rescue dogs, Frida, Sasha, and Lulu.

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